Three elements of sound 

 As a physical element in the three elements of the sound, there is a "sound pressure", "fundamental frequency", "frequency characteristic", respectively, as "pitch", "loudness", "Tone" people are to feel. By adjusting these elements, it is possible to create a freely sound.


 The height of the sound is determined by the height of the frequency.

First, please listen to 500Hz sound of the beginning.

Then please listen to the sound of 1Kz.  



 When the sound pressure increases, people will recognize as "sound is great."

 Please listen to the sound of this basic Introduction. (Amplitude: 0.1 Frequency: 500Hz)

 Please listen to the sound that had changed the amplitude to 0.5 then.

 Do differences were found in the sound? In this way you look like sound when the amplitude becomes larger hear big.


 Usually, the utter tone I represents the difference between the way heard of sound such as "piano" and "violin". And say what is made to how tone, first against the base of the sound frequency, double that frequency sound has been configured by be layered sound that three times as "harmonics". Thing called "difference" of tone is born depending on whether this overtone is made of the ratio of how much in any configuration.
 Overtone it becomes a lot made and bright sound, you can hear it become a dark sound and harmonic is reduced. By the way, has a rather the ratio of the configuration of the harmonic called "spectrum".