Voice divising

Four main factors are necessary to utter.
① The breath that has been sent by the lungs
② Vibration of the vocal cords making the cause of the voice
③ Amplification of the source of the voice in resonance chamber
④ The organ of the mouth forms a vowel sound and a consonant.

voice divising

The breath supplied to the lungs arrives a t a certain vocal cord in the larynx.
The vocal cords have two pleats. The vocal cords turn by the breath inward and vibrate.
That makes the fundamental tone of the voice.
And the source of the voice that went along the vocal cords is amplified in the space above the vocal cords,
Move the organ in the mouth freely and form a vowel sound and a consonant.
The source that came through the process comes out of a mouth as a voice.

When we sing a song, we express it in a voice. It is to be difficult on this occasion to utter by an original range if we do not utter according to this process definitely.